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Did you know that vultures are some of the smartest birds around? Visit Vulture Culture, and meet four species of these bird braniacs. Photos by Michele Miller Houck..

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Don’t play dead with a vulture, that is exactly what they want. – Kevin Nealon

If you are looking for Buzzards, you might be looking in the wrong place.

Many of us use the words “vulture” and “buzzard” to mean the same animal. A buzzard is actually what Europeans and Africans call a hawk. Enter the boneyard, and learn this and more interesting things about the mysterious creatures that are so crucial to our ecosystem. Vultures are cosmopolitan – they live all over the world, but their numbers are crashing in places like India where they are key to preventing disease. The Vulture Culture exhibit at Carolina Raptor Center introduces you to all those things that you should love about these much maligned species. We also encourage visitors to support vulture conservation through purchasing vulture items in the Eagles Landing Gift Shop. A portion of the proceeds goes to support our partner VulPro, a vulture conservation organization based in southern Africa. Look for the VulPro stickers on eligible items.

To learn more about Vultures and the species that live in the Vulture Culture exhibit, follow this link to the Vulture Category in our Raptor Directory.

Adopt the vultures with a monthly gift as low as $5. Follow this link.

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Thanks to the Morris Family for donating bio signs so that you know which vultures are in which enclosure.