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April 5th, 3 pm
Episode 1: What is a raptor? 

Explore the new definition of "raptor" in the first episode of Avian Adventures. Learn who is in and who is out and why it is important. 

In recent years, scientists have come up with a better way of classifying raptors and birds of prey to decrease the confusion. Explore more about the new definition with the Peregrine Fund. READ MORE

Want to read the full scientific paper? You can do so at Bioone. READ MORE 

April 12th, 3 pm
Episode 2: How do owls fly silently?

In this episode, learn about silent flight and how owls have adapted to be silent ninjas! 

Feathers are fascinating and completely unique to birds. Explore the topic and try a quick experiment at home with this STEM Adventure Sheet. READ MORE

Did you know the US Fish and Wildlife Service have an image database dedicated to the identification and study of the flight feathers of North American birds? It's called The Feather Atlas. You can browse, search, and learn to identify feathers in this amazing resource. READ MORE 

April 19th, 3 pm
Episode 3: How do injured birds get to the hospital?

When a bird becomes injured, how does it get to Carolina Raptor Center? Once in the hospital, what happens to the bird? When it is healed, where does it go? All these questions and more are answered in this episode!

Everyone loves baby birds but isn’t sure what to do when they encounter them in the wild. Learn more with this STEM Adventure Sheet. READ MORE

Did you know the Carolina Raptor Center has an online database for all of its raptor patients? Check out our system, Raptor Med, and see what patients are currently receiving treatment in our care. READ MORE 

April 26, 3 pm
Episode 4: Why is clean water so important?

Since nothing can survive without water, find out it take to keep our creeks, rivers and lakes clean for the health of wildlife, native plants, fish and the humans that live here! 


Drinking water is essential to life, and drinking more water is a simple way to improve health. The I Heart Water initiative goal is to lower the County’s rates of chronic disease & obesity by encouraging residents to adopt water as their go-to drink for life, work and play. READ MORE

Charlotte Water is the largest public water and wastewater utility in the Carolinas and has been serving the greater Charlotte-Mecklenburg county since 1889. Their blog serves as a source to keep up-to-date with all the great things Charlotte Water does! READ MORE

WeTap makes the public water fountain easy to find – and helps add new ones to the public data base. Valuing tap water – both the quality and access – is an important step to ensure our water remains safe, tasty, and protected. READ MORE

May 3, 3 pm
Eco-concious Celebrations: EarthOptimismCLT 2021

May 10, 3 pm
Episode 5: Why don't resident birds fly away?

May 17, 3 pm
Episode 6: Why do birds call?

May 24, 3 pm
Episode 7: What does it take to leave the nest?

May 31, 3 pm
Episode 8: How does camouflage work?

June 7, 3 pm
Episode 9: What happens in a day in the life at the hospital?



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  • Bald Eagles- Explore the strength of your artistic abilities!
  • Falcons- Can you compute how fast you can run?
  • Hawks- How many items can you spot with your Hawk eyes?
  • Owls- Learn how to see like an owl!
  • Raven- Think you have what it takes to be smart like a Raven?
  • Vulture- Who in your house has the best olfactory sense?
  • Beaks-  All about the swiss army knife of the bird world!
  • Babies- All about baby birds!
  • Bones- Explore how bird bones look and work!
  • Feathers- What are they made of and what are they used for? 


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