Youth Volunteers

Youth volunteer opportunities are a great way for parents/gaurdians and young people to learn about commitment, service, and conservation.

CRC is open 7 days a week. Since our facility is mainly outdoors, our volunteer opportunities tend to be outside too. Be prepared to work in all weather conditions, get dirty, and have a lot of fun!

By allowing wildlife to retain their natural instincts, we show respect for their lives. Because of this, Youth Volunteers have no physical contact with the raptors. Instead, they support the birds by educating visitors about raptor conservation. 

Youth volunteer opportunities:

  • Junior Docent 
    • Applicants must be in at least the sixth grade
    • Work with a parent or guardian as a team to connect visitors with raptors.
  • Students Organized to Advocate for Raptors (SOAR)
    • Educate visitors about raptor conservation through the use of hands-on activities. 
    • The SOAR program only runs from June through August each year​
    • Applicants must be at least a ninth grader


  • Openings become available as they are needed.
    • If you do not see an opening you are looking for, please check back.
  • Different volunteer programs have different minimum age requirements. Please read program descriptions carefully. 
  • To be accepted, a candidate must successful complete the following:
    • Online application
      • For the Junior Docent program, partnering adults must submit an application for the adult version of the Docent program on the same day. 
    • Interview with CRC Staff
    • Training within one month of acceptance

NOTE: Court ordered community service volunteers are not accepted at this time.