Volunteering At CRC

Volunteers educate visitors on our educational trail.

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There are unrecognized heroes among our ordinary neighbors. – Harold W. Bernard

Come Soar With Us, Be a Volunteer at Carolina Raptor Center!

Carolina Raptor Center currently has the help of over 300 volunteers, who contribute more than 15,000 hours each year. We consider all of these volunteers to be heroes for the cause of raptor conservation! They help further the mission of CRC by educating visitors, caring for and feeding raptors, and maintaining the grounds of our facility. Please consider joining our ever-growing force of dedicated volunteers and become a hero in helping raptors.

Volunteer Vision

Volunteers are vital to the success of Carolina Raptor Center. They bring optimism, enthusiasm, and share diverse perspectives that lead to enhanced programs, top-notch resident bird care, high quality raptor medical care, and exciting visitor experiences.

We strive to create a positive environment where volunteers can....

  • contribute in meaningful ways.
  • are valued for their unique abilities.
  • have the opportunity to develop their skills.
  • be empowered to advocate for raptor conservation and Carolina Raptor Center.

Use the Additional Navigation Menu above to explore the different volunteer programs. Each section will give you a brief description of each program, what requirements are involved, if any openings are available, and a link to the application. 

Please note, by allowing wildlife to retain their natural instincts, we show respect for their lives. Because of this, volunteers have very limited physical contact with the raptors. Instead, they support the birds by educating visitors and caring for the birds in a hands off fashion.

Can't find the answer you're looking for on our website? Contact Maggie Stein, Volunteer Manager, by email at mstein@carolinaraptorcenter.org