Scout Service Projects

Eagle Scout Cover

Eagle Scout sporting Carolina Raptor Center colors. Photo by Michele Miller Houck.

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To be good, and to do good, is all we have to do. – John Adams

The Raptor Center is proud to work with Scouts that are looking to complete service projects for their Gold/Silver Award or Eagle Scout Project. We are looking for committed, caring, and hard-working Scouts that are searching for an opportunity to help with wildlife conservation. Service projects vary but all of them help make an impact in the lives of raptors, as well as the community at large.

Before a project can be discussed, all Scouts MUST complete an application of interest online. Note, submitting an application does not guarantee you will be able to complete a service project with us.

Submit a Scout Application of Interest HERE

When you apply you will receive a confirmation email that it was received. You will receive a separate email from staff within five business days on how to set up a Zoom meeting to talk about current projects available and the expectations the Raptor Center has for scout projects.


  • Submit an application of interest
  • Participate in a Zoom interview to discuss project possibilities and expectations
  • Formally identify the project
  • Submit a project proposal
    • Must include how the project will be funded
    • Must include identification of hazards or risks and include a plan on how to prevent accidents and handle any emergencies related to the risks
  • Create an implementation plan
  • Complete the project
  • Finish paperwork for official approval


Please read before applying!

  • Projects may vary, depending on the needs of the organization. No particular project can be guaranteed at any given time.
    • Past Boy Scout Projects have included building bird enclosures, privacy fences, picnic tables, and wooden walkways at the Raptor Center.
    • Past Girl Scout projects have included creating educational programs and content for our visitors and summer camps at the Raptor Center.
  • The Scout must provide at least a 24-hour notification if they need to work on their project on Raptor Center property.
  • The Scout will be responsible for making sure an adult is present the entire time the project is being completed on Raptor Center property. Staff will not be available to directly supervise projects when projects occur.  
  • All funding for the project must be provided by the Scout. This includes money, materials, and manpower to complete the project.
  • The Scout must provide their own tools and materials to complete the project.


The Scout program at the Raptor Center is designed to allow high school students the ability to work on skills that will help them at their schools and in future paid jobs.

This experience for them will have similar expectations to a paid position. They are expected to show up for their scheduled shifts on time, to be dressed in the appropriate attire, to interact with everyone at the Raptor Center in a professional manner, and meet deadlines that are agreed upon. One thing that we really emphasize is how important communication is.

Because we want them to learn and grow from their experience practicing these workplace skills, we need your help. We ask that you, as the adult, step aside and allow your Scout to be the person who communicates with our staff throughout the duration of their project. We want them to practice contacting a supervisor if they need to miss a shift or have a problem they need help with.

Unlike a paying job, this program allows for mistakes. We want the Scout program to be a safe place for them to become comfortable being in a workplace environment. If they make a mistake then our staff will either speak with them directly or email them about the problem along with ways to do things differently in the future.