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Junior Volunteer Program - Weekly Commitment - Must be at least 11 years old.

We love our Junior Volunteer teams that help in our Resident Bird Care and Visitor Services areas. Junior Volunteers need an adult "buddy" to volunteer alongside them.  Junior Volunteers have a weekly commitment of about 4 hours. This is for kids that want a long term commitment of at least a year. If you are looking for a shorter commitment or community service hours, please check the Student Service section here.

What Junior Volunteer Teams Do…

Resident Bird Care Volunteers: Help us take care of our many resident birds by cleaning cages. Cages are cleaned twice weekly so birds have a clean and comfortable place to live! Currently, approximately 50-60 people volunteer in the Resident Bird Care area.

Visitor Services and Docents: Weekend programming throughout the Raptor Trail means that there are many opportunities to share your knowledge about the birds and the habitats in which they live. Docents lead trail trivia tours, information stations, meet the keeper and behind the scenes tours as well as help with special events. Visitor services volunteers help us make the public fall in love with CRC by greeting visitors, answering phones, making calls, and tidying up in the gift shop.

Junior Volunteer Requirements

  1. You must volunteer with an adult (usually a parent or relative) at all times as part of a Junior Volunteer Team.
  2. You and your adult team member must attend a volunteer information session. SIGNUP IS NECESSARY TO ENSURE YOUR SPOT IN THIS SESSION. Please follow the above link to sign up for available sessions. Sessions are held monthly on Saturdays.
  3. At the information session you will review the junior volunteer job description and the open positions in Resident Bird Care, Docent and Visitor Services.
  4. Both members of junior volunteer teams must complete their own volunteer application.
  5. You and your adult team member must interview with Volunteer and Community Engagement Coordinator.
  6. Once you are placed in a volunteer position, you will attend a volunteer training session with the staff supervisor and confirm your volunteer schedule.
  7. Your first three months are a trial period. Just remember not everyone is cut out to clean cages or present to the public.

Volunteer Application

Do not submit an application if you have not attended an information session and reviewed available volunteer positions. You must apply for an open job as outlined in the information session. A registration fee of $20.00, which will cover the cost of a volunteer t-shirt and name tag, will be required as soon as you are accepted into the program.

Submit a volunteer application online or submit your volunteer application in one of the following forms:

  • Fax your application to 704-875-8814
  • Mail by post to Audrey Blackburn, Volunteer and Community Engagement Coordinator, PO Box 16443, Charlotte, NC 28297

If you have additional questions about the Junior Volunteer Program, please contact Audrey Blackburn at ablackburn@carolinaraptorcenter.org.