Volunteering At CRC

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Medical Volunteer Danielle Davis releases a rehabilitated Red-shouldered Hawk. Photo by John Boal.

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You must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

Come Soar With Us! Be a volunteer at Carolina Raptor Center!

How does CRC do what we do? With the help of over 300 volunteers who contribute more than 15,000 hours a year! Our volunteers help to further the mission of Carolina Raptor Center as well as make it a better place for both birds of prey and the visiting public. Without the support and time of all of our volunteers, Carolina Raptor Center would not be able to reach as many people and birds as it does. By joining our ever-growing force of dedicated volunteers, you are allowing us to help raptors today!

Volunteer Vision

Carolina Raptor Center believes volunteers are vital to our success. We believe volunteers bring optimism and enthusiasm, create positive energy, and share diverse perspectives that lead to enhanced programs, top-notch resident bird care, high quality raptor medical care and an exciting visitor experience. We strive to create a positive environment where volunteers:

  • Contribute in meaningful ways
  • Reflect the diverse communities we serve
  • Are valued for their unique abilities
  • Are trained, mentored and supported in their work
  • Have the opportunity to develop their skills
  • Are empowered to advocate for raptor conservation and Carolina Raptor Center

How Can I Volunteer?

Please follow the links to the appropriate pages above to get started on your volunteer journey. Each program has a different path to volunteering, so please make sure you are following the path appropriate to your age, interest and requirements.