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A Day in the Life of a Raptor Hospital features case studies and time stamps from the activity in CRC's Jim Arthur Raptor Medical Center. Photo by Michele Miller Houck.

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Look! Look! Look deep into nature and you will understand everything. – Albert Einstein

Talk a Walk on the Wild Side at Carolina Raptor Center

What will you find on your walk around the 3/4 mile Raptor Trail? Over 30 species of raptors and other birds of prey are featured on this walk on the wild side. Owls, vultures, hawks, eagles, falcons, corvids and other species that just don’t fall into any of these categories. Have you seen a Bald Eagle up close? The Raptor Trail features a nesting pair of Bald Eagles who live out back in the Eagle Aviary. Our Spectacled Owl just can’t wait to tell you what she thinks about living here at CRC, but you might have to listen carefully to what she has to say – she’s a shy one.

Did you know that vultures and corvids are some of the smartest birds around.  No bird brains here! Lots of human mythology surrounds both of these families of avian brainiacs. Crows have been known to drop nuts into crosswalks so that cars can crack them and then wait for the light to change and retrieve the goodies!

Behind the scenes at CRC is our Raptor Hospital, where we see approximately 900 raptor patients a year (please no songbirds or possums!).  If you can’t make our behind the scenes tour, don’t worry, the exhibit “A Day in the Life of a Raptor Hospital” will show you what goes on there – day and night.

And we want to know what you think after your visit. The Wonder Project is an innovative activity so you can give us feedback. Take a quick survey that measures your experience based on how you view CRC. This exhibit will help us improve the visitor experience at CRC and make your visit more fun and wonder-filled!

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