Service Animal and Pet Guidelines

Service Animal/Pet Guidelines -

Carolina Raptor Center welcomes visitors with disabilities who use service animals as determined by the American’s with Disabilities Act. Guests using service animals can check in with our visitor services staff in the gift shop and be provided with all the information needed to have an enjoyable visit to our center. Along with information about our center, guests with service animals will receive a map outlining what areas (if any) are restricted at this time to your service animal. At this time, personal pets are not permitted on Raptor Center grounds. Latta Plantation Nature Preserve is pet friendly, but please do not plan on visiting Carolina Raptor Center after hiking or walking with your pet. We have a very strong "no pets left in cars or in our parking lot" procedure that we enforce if guests plan on still coming to Carolina Raptor Center. 

The natural instinct of birds in the wild, even predatory species such as raptors, is to be fearful of larger animals, including canines. Carolina Raptor Center’s keepers and trainers are working actively with the animals in our collection to avoid adverse reactions to outside animals, but there are some birds who will still react strongly and negatively to the presence of a dog or service animal around their enclosure. It is for this reason that a few areas on our grounds may be  restricted to you and your service animal. This currently includes our free-flight shows and some areas that take guests into our hospital and behind the scenes. 

If you notice a bird reacting negatively to the presence of your animal, i.e. flying about in a panicked way, clinging to the sides of an enclosure, panting due to stress, etc., please move along to the next enclosure and alert a staff member or volunteer. We appreciate your cooperation and your assistance as we work toward making these experiences positive for all people and animals involved!

Please call our Visitor Center at 704-875-6521 if you have any questions about our service animal/pet guidelines. 

Our Guidelines are available in this Service Animal Brochure.