Raptor Encounters

Nose to Beak Encounter (30 minutes or 1 hour)

Get an up close and private experience with some of our ambassador birds! Learn about the adaptations of birds of prey and watch them showcase amazing natural behaviors! Witness the silent flight of owls, walk with a seriema, recycle with a raven, or even stroll with a vulture! Don’t forget your camera as we try to provide every guest with a photo opportunity (you may even experience the rush of a bird flying to your glove!)

To book an encounter please click the big green Book Private Encounter button and fill out the form. Once submitted, our Encounters Team will reach out to you via email to schedule.

Bird Preferences:

The form above allows you to pick one species you would like to incorporate into the encounter. We will do our best to fill your request and will make sure you have a great time with us! Please note not all birds are able to be held on a glove or flown to a guest.



Encounters are fully booked out to September.

Time slots available are 30 minutes ($175) or one hour ($275) for up to 4 guests
10:00 a.m.-2:00p.m.
Encounters are unavailable Friday/Saturday/Sunday May-September
Must be booked at least two weeks in advance


Inclement Weather:

In case of inclement weather, we will reschedule or refund the guest. This includes temperatures being below 35 degrees or a heat index of over 95 degrees.