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Signature entry art to the Raptor Trail. Sculpture and installation A Return to the Carolina Skies by artist Lori Norwood made possible by the 2002 Arts and Science Council's McColl Public Art Grant. Dedicated to the memory of Carol Sue Bubb. Photo by Michele Miller Houck.

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Please note that the Raptor Trail is currently closed until further notice. Our Eagles, Hawks, Vultures, Falcons and Owls will be waiting to see you again soon.

Carolina Raptor Center is located on 57 acres inside Latta Nature Preserve, a 1,500 acre nature preserve, part of the watershed for Charlotte, NC. For over 30 years, CRC has partnered with Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation to provide environmental education opportunities for visitors from around the corner and across the world.

The Raptor Trail and the Edna S. Moretti Environmental Education Center are open most of the year. The Raptor Trail is designed to connect visitors to our birds and the natural world by featuring our over 30 species of birds, special events and encounters throughout the year. The Raptor Trail exhibits are designed to capture your imagination and to ignite your understanding of the science and natural history of raptors and the science of flight. Humans have been fascinated by birds and flight for thousands of years from Artist Leonardo daVinci to the Wright Brothers to today’s Boeing engineers. Whether you are looking at birds with an artist’s or scientist’s eye, the beauty and magnificence of CRC’s raptor denizens will spark wonder in visitors from across the globe. Is the Raptor Center ADA accessible? Learn more.

Our Eagle’s Landing Gift Shop features gifts for children and Carolina Raptor Center branded items to remember your visit. Fifteen local artists have stocked our Artists Nook with handmade treasures to grace your home and delight your favorite raptor lover. About 50% of your purchase goes to feed the birds, so enjoy your shopping and know you're money is going to a great cause. You're always welcomed to stop by and shop without walking the Raptor Trail!