Feed your Bird Brains with these Kidlit book signings


Sunday, September 30, 4-6 pm  
Book Signing and Talk
Belle’s Journey by Author Rob Bierregaard
Learn about the perils of migration at this talk targeted at middle school kids 11-14 years old.
CRC Amphitheater
Belle is an osprey -- a large fish-eating bird. She's born early one summer on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts in a nest her parents built. She learns to fly, to land, and to catch fish on her own. It's not easy. Then one day in autumn, Belle feels a pull to the south. It's time for her to go--tofly away from the only home she's known and migrate for the first time. So she sets off alone to travel 4,000 miles to South America.

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Sunday, October 28, 4-6 pm 
Book Signing and Talk
Ollie the Owllama by Author Kim Wilson
Create your own bird/mammal hybrid with fun facts about your favorite raptors and mammals targeted at early readers 5-7 years old. 
Nature Play Area
How will Ollie the Owllama make everyone understand that when he spits like a llama and hoots like an owl, the "Pah-hoo!" that comes out is not a sneeze? Follow Ollie through his humorous day of mishaps, frustrations and misunderstandings as he attempts to resolve his Owllama issues. 

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Postponed, stay tuned for updates.
Look, See the Bird with Illustrator Leigh Ann Carter
10am-Noon Book Signing
11 am Art Lesson
Learn how to draw a simple bird at this activity targeted at children 8-11 years old.

Look, See the Bird! is a hand-drawn, beautifully illustrated children's book which seeks to not only promote curiosity in children about the natural world around them, but also to establish the universal quality of having a connection with nature.

FREE with regular admission.