Daily Programs

Daily Programs

Docent Catherine Hines presents a Red-tailed Hawk program in the Edna S. Moretti Environmental Education Center on a warm day. Photo by Jessica Hudgins.

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Come forth into the light of things, let Nature be your teacher.  – William Wordsworth

Winter Program Schedule
Our Winter Program Schedule runs until May 19th. After Memorial Day weekend, we will switch to our Summer Events schedule (check that out here).

Thursdays (Nov 1st to Mar. 1st)

11 AM  - Pishi Playground Fun 

Have you ever seen a King Vulture on a playground? Well Pishi has his own fun yard out beside his enclosure in the Vulture Culture exhibit. You won’t want to miss this bird’s favorite part of the day. Free with general admission.

Weekends (Sat/Sun)

1:00 PM
Vulture Venture

Take a walk through Vulture Culture as our docent leader feeds four species of New World Vultures. Did you know that they are closely related to cranes?  As some of the smartest birds on earth, they love to play with their food. Remember, they aren’t vegetarians…
FREE with regular admission. 

2:00 PM
Keeper Talk

Our bird keepers can't wait to tell you all about the birds that are in their care. You'll get a chance to learn about the highlighted species and get all of your questions asked. Check the board in the Visitor Center for what bird and keeper will be highlighted.
FREE with regular admission.

Weekend Occasional Programs
Connect during one of our Docent Guided Programs

Humans have been fascinated with birds for thousands of years. At CRC, we want to connect you to our magnificent birds of prey as much as possible. Toward that end, CRC’s Docent Volunteers lead a variety of programs throughout the month. These guided programs serve to provide visitors more information and understanding of raptors and their place in the world.

Information Stations
Information rules the world, and our docent volunteers have a world of information at their fingertips. You can see, hear and touch raptor artifacts from a wide variety of species. Feel the difference between a vulture wing feather and an owl feather.  See how an owl’s eyes fit inside its cranium. Puzzle along with the corvids with a brain teaser activity.
FREE with regular admission. 

Want to learn more about how to volunteer at Carolina Raptor Center. Check it out HERE.