Daily Programs

Daily Programs

Docent Catherine Hines presents a Red-tailed Hawk program in the Edna S. Moretti Environmental Education Center on a warm day. Photo by Jessica Hudgins.

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Come forth into the light of things, let Nature be your teacher.  – William Wordsworth

Connect during one of our Docent Guided Programs

Humans have been fascinated with birds for thousands of years. At CRC, we want to connect you to our magnificent birds of prey as much as possible. Toward that end, CRC’s Docent Volunteers lead a variety of programs throughout the month. These guided programs serve to provide visitors more information and understanding of raptors and their place in the world.

Raptor Meet and Greet
Call the Visitor Center for a current weekend program schedule.

Meet a raptor in our new Meet and Greet areas around the trail. Learn about biology and natural history, unusual behaviors, and get up close and personal with our resident raptors. Understand what it takes to clean, train, feed and enrich the approximately 100 resident birds at Carolina Raptor Center.

FREE with regular admission. 

Behind the Scenes Tour
Offered the first Saturday and Sunday of the month at 2:00 pm 


Must be 7 or older to participate, not ADA accessible

Go behind the scenes at our Raptor Hospital and Education Trail. Peek into the Wendy Ella Guilford Owl Observatory to observe owls preparing to return to the wild.  Get a sense of what it takes to run one of the largest avian hospitals in the world. 

$5 + regular Raptor Trail admission per person -- Limited to 12 participants. 


Vulture Feeding
Call the Visitor Center for current availability.

Take a walk through Vulture Culture as our docent leader feeds four species of New World Vultures. Did you know that they are closely related to cranes?  As some of the smartest birds on earth, they love to play with their food. Remember, they aren’t vegetarians…

FREE with regular admission. 

Hands-on Activities 
Call the Visitor Center for a current wekend program schedule.

Dissect an Owl Pellet. Signal an Osprey with a Nautical Flag. Understand the Physics of Flight. Make a Bird Feeder. These monthly hands on activities will deepen your family’s understanding of raptors and their connection to the world and humans.

FREE with regular admission. 

Trail Trivia Tour
Call the Visitor Center for a current wekend program schedule.

Beat your friends at Raptor Trivial Pursuit after taking the Trail Trivia Tour. Full of fun raptor facts and engaging raptor stories, this docent offering is sure to please the raptorphile in the group. Docents will choose the upper loop or the lower loop depending on their interest and understanding of the Raptor Trail.

FREE with regular admission. 

Information Stations 
Call the Visitor Center for a current wekend program schedule.

Information rules the world, and our docent volunteers have a world of information at their fingertips. You can see, hear and touch raptor artifacts from a wide variety of species. Feel the difference between a vulture wing feather and an owl feather.  See how an owl’s eyes fit inside its cranium. Puzzle along with the corvids with a brain teaser activity.

FREE with regular admission. 

Want to learn more about how to volunteer at Carolina Raptor Center. Check it out HERE.