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Please Note our Eagle Aviary is CLOSED for Nesting Season staring Saturday, November 12, 2016 until 2017

Please see this note from our Curator of Birds and Programs, Natalie Childers:

At Carolina Raptor Center we are incredibly blessed to have two bald eagles that have actively nested for many years. We've been through a lot of ups and downs with Derek and Savannah and are working constantly to improve our best practices and give them the best chance possible of a successful nesting season. The past few years have been a disappointment for many as our lovely couple has not had eggs that have hatched, while in the past we've had several young raised and released back out into the wild through the use of our hack tower. Following their own unsuccessful nesting season with 2 clutches last season, we were incredibly fortunate and honored to be asked by Dan Nicholas Park, the state, and US fish and wildlife service to foster the eaglet hatched in captivity  in Salisbury, NC. As a curator the choice to put in a baby eagle with Derek and Savannah was not without risks, but they proved to be fantastic parents and adopted the young one as their own. This eagle, named Freedom, was successfully reared and released back out into the wild and is currently part of a tracking program to study the migration habits of young bald eagles.

Though we do not interfere with the nesting process of Derek and Savannah to any major degree, we do try to set up their captive environment in such a way that they have the best chance at success as possible. Since October 31st the couple has not been shifted out of their private quarters into the large Eagle Aviary for public viewing; around this time they had started to show courtship  behavior that included adding foliage to their current nest site. At this time our bird care staff gave them additional greenery and branches to add to their nest, and we continue to do this every few days as unobtrusively as possible.

Within the past couple of days Derek and Savannah have been spending more and more time in and around their nest. Our other group of bald eagles, affectionately known as "The Bachelors" to our keepers, have been showing increased interest along the perimeter of Derek and Savannah's private enclosure. This is not unusual behavior as young bald eagles in the wild will often try to take the place of older adult males but in terms of our captive birds we are trying to keep disturbances to the mated pair to a minimum. For all of these reasons we have made the decision to close the Aviary to the public for the duration of our nesting season, beginning Saturday November 12th. This Friday, Veteran's Day, will be the last day our display golden and bald eagles will be viewable to the public from our raptor trail until late Winter/early Spring.

We are hopeful that keeping the disturbances and noise levels around the aviary to a minimum will give Derek and Savannah the time and space to have a successful 2016/2017 nesting season.  Be sure to follow Carolina Raptor Center and Savannah Eagle on facebook for updates as the season progresses. Thank you so much for your understanding and support of Carolina Raptor Center and our bald eagles.