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Volunteer Pat McDonough presents Emma, the Barn Owl, to the delight of audiences everywhere. Photo by Rosie Casper Hinkle.

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Educate your audience by bringing a human and a feathered docent to your next big event.

Offsite Exhibits from Carolina Raptor Center

Carolina Raptor Center visits festivals and events all over the Charlotte area such as Festival in the Park and the Southern Spring Show. Many residents of Charlotte met their first raptor at an event such as this. Our educators and birds love connecting with people in many different formats. Large events or events with alcohol, however, may not lend themselves to having a bird exhibit. 

An exhibit lasts two hours
Can be extended for 1-2 hours with an additional charge
Space considerations and barrier requirements need to be adhered to for the safety of our staff and birds
Event noise, crowd size and alcohol consumption will be considered when choosing events to participate in with birds

Frequently Asked Questions and Pricing.

If you are interested in having a CRC staffer attend your event with a bird, please fill out the event request form.