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Look closely or you might miss Queen Beatrice, the Eurasian Eagle Owl, posing for her close up after flying over the crowd at the flight show. Photo by Michele Miller Houck.

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Available Year-Round

Behind the Scenes Tour


Go behind the scenes at Carolina Raptor Center’s medical center and education trail, boasting one of the country’s most extensive collections of birds of prey. At the hospital, staff admits, treats and performs surgery and physical therapy on more than 1,000 birds a year. The goal is to get the majestic creatures healthy and released back into the wild.

  • Approximate Length of Experience: 1.15 hours
  • Min./Max. Number of Participants: 12 maximum *
  • Availability: Available first and third weekends of the month (2 p.m. on Saturday and 12:30 p.m. on Sunday) or by reservation.
  • Cost: $15 per person (includes admission).

* Must be 7 or older to participate

Raptor Keeper for a Day

Discover what it takes to feed, train and care for more than 100 resident birds representing 25 different species that reside at Carolina Raptor Center. Participants will work alongside Center staff for the experience of a lifetime to accomplish daily raptor keeper responsibilities such as feeding, enrichment, training, and resident bird health exams. From vultures to owls to hawks, guests will see firsthand why these birds of prey are critical to the environment and the advancements being made to preserve them through Center staff.

  • Approximate Length of Experience: 2 hours
  • Min./Max. Number of Participants: 1 – 4 *
  • Availability: Reservation required two weeks in advance.
  • Cost: $275 for 1 – 2 people; $550 for 3 – 4 people.

* Must be 8 or older to participate

Available in the Winter + Spring

Marcy’s Eagle Research Observatory Tour

Each January through April is known as nesting season at Carolina Raptor Center, where eagles Derek and Savannah tend to their eggs. The facility uses the opportunity to educate the public with tours of Marcy’s Eagle Research Observatory. Participants will spend time learning about the eaglets from the past, present and future as well as study the eagles from Marcy’s Observatory.  This tour is at the discretion of the eagle experts and is not available all the time. Please call for an exact schedule.

  • Approximate Length of Experience: 30 minutes
  • Min./Max. Number of Participants: 2 – 6 *  
  • Availability: Weekends at 1:30 p.m. Jan. – April; weekdays with reservation.
  • Cost: $35 per person (includes admission to the Raptor Trail).

* Must be 8 or older to participate


Amateur and professional photographers alike will enjoy this professional photo shoot featuring Carolina Raptor Center’s resident raptors. Featuring species such as owls, eagles, and hawks, each outing highlights more than 20 different raptors. Begin with an early-bird breakfast, followed by six, 30-minute sessions, where several birds will serve as models for the snapshots. The final hour of each day features the Center’s flight show superstars in free flight.

  • Approximate Length of Experience: 4 hours
  • Min./Max. Number of Participants: 10 - 30
  • Availability: Reservation required at least four weeks in advance.
  • Cost: $90 per person for one-day session; $150 per person for two-day session.

Private sessions are available upon request, call Curator Natalie Childers for more information 704-875-6521 x 110.

Available in the Summer + Fall

Private Live Bird Presentations

Do you want something a little bit special for your group? Schedule a live bird presentation featuring Carolina Raptor Center’s permanent residents on the glove. Learn about conservation issues, natural history, and the native and exotic species that live here.

  • Approximate Length of Experience: 45 minutes plus time to walk the Raptor Trail.
  • Min./Max. Number of Participants: 15 minimum/No maximum.
  • Availability: Reservation required at least two weeks in advance. Subject to staff availability.
  • Cost: $10/each - $150 minimum