Annual Adoptions

Show Your Love for the Birds!

An annual adoption is a wonderful way to support the continuing care our resident birds of prey - owls, hawks, falcons, eagles and more. You get to choose from 11 different residents for only $50 per year. Adopt-A-Birds make great birthday or holiday gifts for all the bird lovers in your life.

As an adoptive parent, you'll receive the following benefits:

  • a personalized certificate of adoption with a photo of your bird
  • species and individual information
  • one FREE pass to come see your bird in his/her mew on the Raptor Trail
  • bragging rights!

Ready to sponsor your bird? Choose from these residents (Visit our Bird Directory to learn more about each of these residents):

Adopt Sonora
Harris's Hawk

Adopt Inca
Lesser Yellow Headed Vulture

Adopt Derby
Common Kestrel

Adopt Shakespeare
Barred Owl

Adopt Oak
Red-tailed Hawk

Adopt Poe
Common Raven


Adopt Omaha
Crested Caracara