Release A Rehabilitated Raptor

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Adult Bald Eagle released by CRC staffer Rachel Woods at McGuire Nuclear Station's Energy Explorium. File photo.

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Release-A-Raptor at Carolina Raptor Center

Be a part of the rehabilitation experience by sponsoring the recovery of a raptor with our Release-A-Raptor Program. Over 800 birds a year are brought to our renowned rehabilitation center each year to receive care. CRC releases up to 60% of the birds admitted to the hospital.

As a Release-A-Raptor participant, a trained member of the CRC team will transport a bird to your location and release it. You will receive information about the bird being released.

Release-A-Raptor Details

Rehabilitated Hawks and Owls

Your donation will help cover the medical costs and rehabilitation of the raptor being released.

Please keep in mind that birds become available for release as they finish recovering in our rehabilitation center. There are no guarantees that a particular species of bird will be able on one particular day. If you have a definite date in mind, it is best to remain flexible on the species, and allow us to choose a recovered raptor suitable for your location. If you are flexible on the date, we may be able to accommodate special requests for certain species, and can notify you as one becomes available. 

Raptor releases are perfect for occasions including: Birthdays, Graduation Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries, Memorial Services, and Vineyard Celebrations.