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Screen grab from CRC's RaptorMed Online Medical Record developed by Dr. Dave Scott and currently in 25 wildlife and raptor centers around the world.

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RaptorMed™ Medical Records

RaptorMed™ is the first and only medical records software originally designed for the care and treatment of injured wildlife.

It was designed, developed and tested at Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte and has been successfully used for more than 5 years. It was originally created to care for birds of prey and it has been expanded to manage all types of wildlife species ranging from hummingbirds and Bald Eagles to insects, black bears and jelly fish!

This amazing software will revolutionize the way you care for your patients.

  • Do more with fewer staff
  • Deliver an amazing level of care
  • Decrease your average days in rehab (and therefore your costs)
  • And open up your data to endless possibilities for research

RaptorMed™ is a patient management software package designed specifically for the unique needs wildlife and exotic animals. It was created and developed by Dr. Dave Scott in a partnerhship with Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte, NC. Visit the RaptorMed website.

It is very easy to use, requires little in the way of computing resources and has a very long list of useful functions and features that are designed to improve staff efficiency and the quality of care. In addition, because there is powerful database running behind-the-scenes, the data that is collected in the system is now completely searchable. With RaptorMed, you can "go paperless" since there is no need for traditional records anymore.

View map of currently installed (or coming soon) locations.

To inquire about getting RaptorMed for your facility, contact Dave Scott at dscott@carolinaraptorcenter.org or (704) 875-6521 x105.

View Carolina Raptor Center’s online medical records.