Cameras At CRC

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Eastern Screech Owl and Great Horned Owl orphans sometimes grow up at CRC. Cameras make it easier to know what is going on inside these enclosures. Photos by Bill Hager.

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Carolina Raptor Center To Introduce New OwlCams To Wendy Ella Guilford Owl Observatory

Carolina Raptor Center is launching a new OwlCam initiative to give the public a behind the scenes look at our Owl rehabilitation process. Over the past few years, CRC has been adding new flight cages to its program in order to make sure wild birds that are recovering in our facility have the best chance to make a full recovery and be released back into the wild. Soon you will be able see their progress in the new Wendy Ella Guilford Owl Observatory thanks to a new camera set up and live streaming technology to be implemented after the first of the year.

We are implementing two HD security cameras in the Owl Observatory which will provide detailed video and pictures to allow our rehabilitation staff to closely monitor the birds from their offices or via the internet. The article Video Camera Technology in Zoos explains the different ways camera technology is being used to monitor the birds to benefit their health and progress toward release. They are used to monitor both general behavior and medical well being as well as give the public a peek into the work that Carolina Raptor Center is doing to conserve raptors. This technology aids the organization by helping our employees to be more efficient as they care for as many as 200 patients a day at the Jim Arthur Raptor Medical Center.