Cameras At CRC

Eagle Nesting Cover

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. – Henry David Thoreau

CRC monitoring Bald Eagle behavior with Cameras

One day a few years ago, our team of keepers noticed some fighting and aggression among the Bald Eagles in one of our enclosures. To prevent the possibility of injuries, we decided to switch the group dynamic. Fruitbasket turnover in the eagle aviary!

  1. Derek, a more passive eagle, was moved into a different enclosure to be a peacekeeper between the male birds in what is fondly known as "the bachelor pad."
  2. Luke, another male eagle moved in with Savannah.
  3. Adler, our flighted Eagle, has been moved off display and is now in training to do educational programming.

The eagles are all getting along well in their new groups and can all see one another in their nearby enclosures. Our hope (and the current plan) is that all of our eagles will be housed together when we move to our new facility in the next few years.

Until then, we will continue to closely monitor their behavior for any form of aggression. Thanks to technical expertise from CCTV Camera World in Amherst, NY, we have set up these security cameras as new EagleCams to help us monitor the behavior of our eagles. They are the “go to” folks for AnimalCams and give zoos advice all across the US.

Cameras are key ingredients to help us keep our eagles safe and happy.  Camera World has given us advice on how to protect our NVR from the weather with a waterproof case so that we will experience less down time than in past years. Currently only one enclosure can be viewed by the public at a time, but we will occasionally switch the view so everyone gets a chance to see all of our Eagles.