Barn Owl Nesting At CRC

Owl Nesting Cover

Barn Owls "Red", "Blue" and "Green" get a check up at the Jim Arthur Raptor Medical Center. Photo by Carly Smith.

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The indescribable innocence of and beneficence of Nature,--of sun and wind and rain, of summer and winter,--such health, such cheer, they afford forever! – Henry David Thoreau

Barn Owls Fight to Remain in the Charlotte Region

On March 23, 2016, the Jim Arthur Raptor Medical Center received a call. A building was being torn down near the airport, and a few Barn Owlets fell out. Observers reported an adult owl that also flew off. Thankfully, the workers were able to rescue most of the babies and retrieve the remaining owlets from the nest. As a note of interest, this is the first active Barn Owl nest that we have heard of in Mecklenburg County in the past nine years.

Usually, we try to put babies back into the nest in our renesting program, but since the building was being demolished, it was impossible. Unfortunately, two of the six baby Barn Owls had passed away before they arrived at the Center. Two more have injuries likely related to falling from the nest, so we’ll be keeping a very close watch on them inside the hospital. However, the final two–the biggest two–are very healthy and glad to tell you all about how they dislike humans!

Today, the two healthy owlets were moved out to be fostered with our resident display Barn Owls. Our resident Barn Owls, Harvey, Faye, and Minerva, are currently sitting on six eggs of their own. They successfully fostered another orphan in the past, so they should be excellent foster parents for these two.

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