Professional Consulting

Carolina Raptor Center is now offering virtual consulting services!  Carolina Raptor Center’s 50+ combined years of raptor experience can give you the guidance and support to achieve your goals in the following topics:

Raptor Training 

Our Certified Professional Bird trainers (CPBT-KA) can introduce or refine your positive reinforcement training techniques to move you and your organization beyond traditional raptor training methods. Our methods focus on using the most positive, least intrusive methods to allow animals to reach their highest potential. 

  • Science of behavior change  
  • Food management 
  • Bird behavior 
  • Voluntary husbandry behaviors 
  • Training for educational programming 
  • Empowerment training 

Raptor Husbandry 

Raptors have unique adaptations that require specialized care. Strengthening your husbandry practices can help you provide your raptors with exceptional welfare. Our team has extensive experience with 35 species of raptors and provides guidance on the following topics.

  • Perching 
  • Enclosure design 
  • Beak and talon care 
  • Capture and restraint 
  • Equipment 
  • Diet and nutrition 
  • Enrichment 

Raptor Medical Care 

Our specialized Medical Team cares for 80+ raptor ambassadors in addition to over 800 wild raptor rehabilitation patients admitted annually. We work alongside David Scott, DVM an expert in raptor medicine and the author of Raptor Medicine, Surgery and Rehabilitation, 2nd Edition.  

We can provide support on the following ambassador bird topics: 

  • Physical exam and preventative Care 
  • Common injuries, illness, and treatment
  • Welfare and quality of life
  • Basic medical procedures
  • Raptor first aid

Raptor Rehabilitation 

We can also provide support on the following raptor rehabilitation topics:

  • Enclosure design
  • Renesting and orphan care
  • Feathers, aging, and banding
  • Common injuries and treatment
  • Acquiring a rehabilitation permit

How to get started 

To submit an inquiry please click HERE.

Our process - We provide clients with a complimentary 30-minute Zoom meeting to learn about you, your facility, and what you hope to gain from your consultation. 

After the introductory meeting, our staff will provide you with a proposal of what we can offer.  

The offerings may include a combination of 

  • Classes to dive deeper into various concepts 
  • Feedback on training sessions (live or pre-recorded) 
  • Mentoring sessions 
  • Virtual meetings 


Average consultations are $100/hour.  

For needs-based pricing please contact


“I highly recommend the Training Seminar for anyone looking to increase their knowledge of raptor training. It was the right combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice. It opened my mind to all the possibilities of raptor training and I walked away with a wealth of knowledge I could bring back to my organization to share. “ 

-Kristi R., Illinois 

“I just want you to know I've attended a number of PRT and Raptor Training seminars at this point and never have I had any group so deeply explain step by step how to develop a trusting relationship from the beginning (or rebuilding one). Your demonstration of Food Management and how much more natural and beneficial for the wellbeing of the bird and the effectiveness of the training was life changing. Thank you for demonstrating an ethical and responsible way of training and using education ambassadors, it will change not only the lives of the birds I work with but how I interact with all our ambassadors! I will be recommending the experience to anyone I know who works with raptors.” 

-Tiffany J., Maryland 

"After attending both Husbandry and Training Seminars hosted by the Carolina Raptor Center my training techniques and educational messaging improved immensely! Colleen and Kristin do an amazing job teaching how to read raptor behavior and incorporate positive reinforcement into your training protocol. They created a learning environment where I knew I was safe to ask questions and make mistakes. I would encourage anyone with any knowledge level to attend their seminars." 

-Sloane W., Georgia