Owl Pellet Orders

Owl Pellets

Owls are unable to digest fur and bones. The prey’s indigestible bits are compacted into an owl pellet which the owl spits out. Through the study of these pellets, it is possible to decipher what an owl’s last meal was! An order of owl pellets will include a diagram of rodent bones that may be found while dissecting a pellet. CRC does not have a facility to fumigate pellets, however, our owls are fed laboratory-raised mice and rats. Unlike wild rodents, these animals have not been exposed to disease, germs, bacteria, etc.

We do recommend that students wash their hands immediately after their activity.

Place your order early. There is generally a waiting list. It can take 4-6 weeks to fill an order.


$2.00 per individual pieces or $18.00 per dozen

Shipping - Priority Mail  $9.45 1-2 Dozen / $16.10 3-12 dozen / $21.50 more than 12 dozen

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