Young Veterinarians Camp

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Medical Coordinator Carly Smith leads a raptor dissection class for Young Vet's Camp. Photo by Jayna Saltrick.

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Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. Only if we help shall they be saved. – Jane Goodall

Is your child an aspiring young veterinarian who wants to get an early start? Throughout this vitrual camp your camper will learn all about avian medicine and have sessions with one of our staff vet techs. Campers will assume the the role of veterinarian in daily rounds -- examining X-rays and case studies of birds. With raptor encounters, hands on activities and lessons live from our raptor hospital, campers will get a great sense of environmental awareness and a greater respect for the natural world around them!


SESSION III: Virtual Young Vets Camp (8 am - noon), July 6-10 (Ages 12-14) REGISTER HERE
SESSION IV: Virtual Young Vets Camp (8 am - noon), July 13-17 (Ages 8-11) REGISTER HERE
Please email Carol Crabtree with questions. 

Young Vets:

Be a Vet!

Help Wildlife

Bird Behavior

Rehab Rocks

Team Nature

Go over schedule Tshirts
Dress a counselor like a bird!
Meet a bird
Tour of Hospital
Beak vs. Teeth Activity
Animal Highlight (nonraptor)
Vet Game!
Record like a Vet
Afternoon Activity Instructions

Show off Afternoon activity
Meet a bird
Recycling Video
What Do Animals Need Game
Life Cycle Craft
Flight and Migration Spectacular!
Afternoon Activity Instructions

Show off Afternoon Act.
Bird Sounds Game
Counselors Courtship Dance Runway!
Vet Class with Rehab staff
Chick needs vs. Human Needs
Make a baby bird diet Activity
Animal Highlight (non raptor)
Afternoon Activity Instructions

Show off Afternoon Act.
Owl Pellet Activity
Meet a bird
Flight Cage
Rehab Brings in a bird
It’s all about Eyes!
Eye Activity
Imping Feathers
Feather Game
Awesome Adaptations!
Afternoon Activity Instructions

Show off Afternoon Act.
Dress up like your favorite Raptor
Flight Demo
Animal Highlight (non raptor)
Raptor Game!
Up Close with Trees
Design your perfect Bird House
Guess that Animal Game!
Go over what they liked about camp
Virtual Party

Additional Details

  • Young Vets Camp sessions are $100 a week per session
  • Campers will receive an Adventure Box prior to their week of camp with materials for their camp experience.
    • Additional boxes will be available for siblings at $50/each. Please add to registration.
  • Camp starts promptly at 8:00 am and ends at noon.
  • Campers will be issued a Zoom address that is non-tranferrable.
  • Afternoon activities will be provided for more outside fun.

Cancellation Policy

Because of the unusual nature of the circumstances of COVID-19 affecting summer camps in 2020, CRC is offering the following options for campers already registered for these camps:

1) Transfer camp registration fee to cover two online camp weeks.

2) Transfer camp registration fee to cover one online camp week and 18 month family membership.

3) Convert camp fee to a tax deductible charitable donation.

4) Full refund to be processed 30 days after scheduled camp date.