There's a BIRD in the house!

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With everyone staying home, we've thought up some new adventures for you to do -- from the comfort of your couch or in your own backyard. Here are some links:


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  • Bald Eagles- Explore the strength of your artistic abilities!
  • Falcons- Can you compute how fast you can run?
  • Hawks- How many items can you spot with your Hawk eyes?
  • Owls- Learn how to see like an owl!
  • Raven- Think you have what it takes to be smart like a Raven?
  • Vulture- Who in your house has the best olfactory sense?
  • Beaks-  All about the swiss army knife of the bird world!
  • Babies- All about baby birds!
  • Bones- Explore how bird bones look and work! 


Build "toys" for the resident birds at Carolina Raptor Center. Find out what enrichment is and why it it so important HERE

You can find all the Avian Enrichment projects HERE.

Share with us what you're doing! Upload your projects to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag us! We would love to see what you're doing.

Keep checking back here often. We will be loading new material as we develop it!