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October 4th, 3 pm
Episode 1: How do birds work together?


Bird have symbiotic relationships with one another and with other animals. In this episode, you will learn about cooperation in the animal kingdom. Don't want to miss an episode of Avian Adventures, subscribe to our channel at


October 11th, 3 pm
Episode 2: Why does the Raptor Center have birds from other countries?

You'll find birds from all over the world on the trail at the Raptor Center in Huntersville, NC. But why do we have birds from abroad at our center? Whether it's conservation, rescue or education, each bird has a purpose and a message to share. Learn more by watching this episode of Avian Adventures.

October 18th, 3 pm
Episode 3: How can birds fly?


Humans looked to the heavens and were inspired to fly like birds. But how does it actually work? What are the adaptations and parts of a bird's physiology that make it possible? Learn how birds take to the skies in this episode of Avian Adventures.