Insight into the Natural World

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Images from the EagleCam, the OspreyCam and the FalconCam allow viewers a unique insight into this natural process.

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Nature does nothing uselessly. – Aristotle

Groninger USA HawkCam

Imagine their surprise when a Red-shouldered Hawk decided to build its nest on the Groninger logo at the company's US Headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Instead of trying to remove the nest, this German company did the best thing for the birds. They left it in place and decided to share it with the world. You can view their camera at this link. Looks like there are three eggs! Learn more about Groninger USA.


NEW EagleCam 

Cameras are key ingredients to help us keep our eagles safe and happy.  Camera World has given us advice on how to protect our NVR from the weather with a waterproof case so that we will experience less down time than in past years. Currently only one enclosure can be viewed by the public at a time, but we will occasionally switch the view so everyone gets a chance to see all of our Eagles. The Eagle Cam will return next nesting season.


The Catawba Nuclear Station OspreyCam

Carolina Raptor Center and Duke Energy partner on many initiatives regarding wildlife and habitat. When Osprey started nesting atop Catawba Nuclear Station’s facility, they called us for information about cameras and broadcasting. Today, CRC is pleased to offer our website visitors access to this camera at this active nesting site. View Now


Lake Murray Osprey Cam

Ospreys Ricky and Lucy have made their home on this slice of Lake Murray (SC) heaven for the last 4 years. Catch up on their last four years by going to the Lake Murray Osprey Facebook Page. Like/Join/Follow & subscribe to get caught up in all the excitement as we wait and watch for them to arrive for the 2018 Osprey Season. View Now.


Coming Soon: The Wendy Ella Guilford Owl Observatory Camera

Donor Sarah Lambrecht has funded the construction and upfit of the Owl Observatory honoring her mother, Wendy Ella Guilford. Once cameras are installed in this Rehabilitation Trail enclosure, viewers will have insight into the last step in Carolina Raptor Center’s rehabilitation process – flight training. In this step, owls build up flight muscles in preparation for release back into the wild. Not currently broadcasting. Check back later this year.