Carolina Raptor Center At A Glance

Destination Facts

The Raptor Trail is a three-quarter mile walking trail and zoological facility that permanently houses and displays more than thirty birds of prey. The birds act as ambassadors for their wild counterparts and serve an important role in connecting people with wildlife in a safe and respectful manner. Guests can enjoy learning about birds of prey from across the globe during their walk on the Raptor Trail.

Education Facts

  • Over 20,000 guests visit the Raptor Trail to learn from ambassador birds.
  • Over 12,000 individuals particpate in CRC's educational programs each year.
  • We are the smallest organization ever to host the annual International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE) Conference.
  • CRC has over 100 young people participate in our annual summer camp.

Conservation Facts

CRC’s rehabilitation program has admitted over 20,000 birds in its over 40 years.  Founded by Dr. Dick Brown, CRC outgrew the basement of the UNCC science building and moved to Latta Nature Preserve in 1984. Over 800 birds are admitted to the raptor hospital annually. Up to 60% of the raptors admitted to the hospital are released back into the wild.