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Eagle Aviary Closed for NestingResident Bird Care

Eagle Aviary Closed for Nesting

We have closed the Aviary to the public for the duration of our nesting season, beginning Saturday November 12th until late Winter/early Spring. At Carolina Raptor Center we are incredibly blessed to have two bald eagles that have actively nested for many years. We've been through a lot of ups and downs with Derek and Savannah and are working constantly to improve our best practices and give them the best chance possible of a successful nesting season. Click on the link above to learn more about Eagle nesting at CRC.

Duke Energy Loves Volunteering at CRC!Volunteerism

Duke Energy Loves Volunteering at CRC!

Carolina Raptor Center greatly depends on its corporate volunteers like Duke Energy, pictured above! Corporate teams assist us with projects such as trail maintenance, construction, and landscaping on our 57 acres! Funding from volunteer groups allows us to purchase materials that are needed in order to construct cages, paint rooms and enclosures, and build perching, for example; any size donation is welcome! If your corporation is interested in volunteering at Carolina Raptor Center, please contact Ann Parker, Volunteer Experience Manager, at the link above.

Track the Progress of our Birds in RehabRehabilitation

Track the Progress of our Birds in Rehab

We treat over 1,000 injured and orphaned raptors a year. You can always view what birds we are currently rehabilitating by going into RaptorMed, our online medical record database. RaptorMed was created by staff veterinarian Dr. Scott and used worldwide! Click on the link above to view our current patients.